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Nissens A/S





以拥有广泛的产品线而著称,Nissens 目前在独立售后市场拥有极广泛的汽车发动机冷却系统及空调系统组件的产品覆盖度,并且依然保持强劲的产品开发进度。

在中国上海的销售公司,正以其先进的营销管理及组织管理系统,致力于中国市场业务的稳步推进。秉承站在终端客户及最终消费者立场上进行营销服务设计的先进理念,致力于汽车后市场新盈利突破方案的探索及提供,Nissens正在持续上升的汽车后市场中实现 北欧科技,引领不同的承诺”


Nissens is a market leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of air conditioning and engine cooling solutions for the independent automotive aftermarket all over the world. Today, Nissens employs more than 1,000 dedicated employees across the globe, delivering products and services from a desire to supply the optimum solution to any need.

With an extensive product portfolio, Nissens currently covers one of the deepest climate and engine cooling ranges in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket and is constantly under development.

From their offices in Shanghai, which covers Nissens’ Chinese administration and logistic departments, Nissens is experiencing a steady growth in China. With a direct approach to the customers and end-users, where presence and education in automotive solution are in focus, Nissens is delivering difference in an automotive aftermarket that is on its rise.