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PSU China







御安行的雇员具有丰富的中外政府组织及商业环境工作经验. 自2006年成立以来,御安行成为被在中国运营的外国公司信任和广泛知晓的供应商.


PSU is a professional security consultancy company that connects Scandinavia to China and vice versa. PSU works as an expert and competency team for larger as well as smaller companies, organizations, institutions and governments.

PSU experts have vast experience from police, intelligence, military special units and business management. The company has extensive knowledge in individual security, intelligence work, method development and crisis management in an international environment.

PSUhas offices in Malmö Sweden and in Beijing and Shanghai.  The company supports clients in China with risk- and threat assessment from a country, regional and local perspective. The company develops security strategies and processes and conducts investigations.