Invest in Slagelse

Invest in Slagelse



 Invest in Slagelse是一家位于Slagelse中心的公司致力于服务发展与加强Slagelse的商业环境。因此Invest in Slagelse提供各种商业服务以吸引新公民和企业落户确保个人与企业发展的最佳环境最终在Slagelse地区创造更多的就业机会。

作为丹麦首批贸易促进组织Invest in Slagels亦特别关注出口增长和国际化。Invest in Slagelse认为国际化与出口是当地商业界的头等大事因此将其作为重点发展领域。

在这样的背景下,Invest in Slagelse概念被启动,以容纳寻求在Slagelse建立业务的外国投资者和外国公司。这一重点投入目前初见成效,Slagelse与中国温州市缔结为友好城市,这一协议为丹麦公司进入中国市场提供了优势。


Invest in Slagelse is a private corporation centrally placed in the heart of Slagelse with a mission to serve, develop and strengthen the business community in Slagelse. As such, Invest in Slagelse offers a variety of business services to attract new citizens and businesses to the municipality, to ensure the best possible framework conditions for growth and development, and finally to create more private places of employment in Slagelse.

As one of the first trade promotion organizations in Denmark, Invest in Slagelse also has a special focus on export, growth and internationalization. Invest in Slagelse views internationalization and export as being of great importance for the local business community and has therefor decided to make it an area of focus.

As a result, the concept Invest in Slagelse has been launched to accommodate foreign investment opportunities and foreign companies looking to set up a business in Slagelse. This special focus has currently paid off in terms of a friendship city agreement with the city of Wenzhou in China, which offers local companies special advantages when entering the Chinese market.