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201012国际岩棉公司收购了CRS有限公司在亚洲的绝缘产品的业务。通过并购CRS亚洲公司下属的全资子公司Roxul Asia,新成立的岩棉亚洲公司目前是亚洲最大的石羊毛生产商。岩棉亚洲公司在中国、马拉西亚、泰国设有四个石羊毛生产厂,并在中国设有一家复合厂。此外,其亚洲机构还包括设在北京、上海、广州、香港、菲律宾、越南、台湾和新加坡的办事处。


The Rockwool Group, founded in 1909, is the world’s leading producer of stone wool. Rockwool insulation helps ensure comfortable indoor temperatures and saves vast amounts of energy in buildings and industrial processes worldwide. At present, the group employs more than 8800 highly skilled persons. The Rockwool Group operates 26 factories in three continents ensuring that its stone wool products reach all parts of the globe. Group headquarters and the R&D and environmental departments are based in Hedehusene, near Copenhagen.

Rockwool insulation is one of few products that can save more than 100 times the energy used for its manufacture. By minimising the need to combust fuel for heating and cooling purposes, Rockwool insulation also reduces air pollution and CO2 emissions. One of the most vital properties of Rockwool stone wool is its ability to withstand temperatures of more than 1.000°C. Properly used, Rockwool stone wool acts as a fire resistant barrier.

In December 2010, Rockwool International A/S acquired the Asian insulation businesses of CSR Limited. Through the merger of its wholly owned company Roxul Asia, with the CSR Asian businesses, the new entity of Rockwool Asia is now the largest stone wool manufacturer in Asia. Rockwool Asia has four stone wool factories located in China, Malaysia and Thailand as well as a sandwich panel plant in China. Its Asian coverage also includes offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and Singapore.