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Palsgaard A/S





结合新加坡高科技应用实验室和上海的销售代表处,我们将更好地为全亚洲客户进行服务。 我们对当地的饮食文化和食品需求进行深入调研,并根据当地特定的生产条件,为客户开发新产品。2013帕斯嘉马来西亚工厂的设立,将会增加年产量20000吨的产品。届时,我们



Palsgaard is a specialist in the manufacture of emulsifiers and stabilizers for bakery, confectionery, dairy, ice cream, margarine, mayonnaise and dressings. In addition to providing the actual emulsifier/stabilizer solution Palsgaard also supports its customers by providing expert application service, helping customers create new products or update existing formulations. Palsgaard’s application technologists also help food manufacturers fine-tune production processes and prepare for full-scale production in its pilot plants around the world. 

Palsgaard is ISO 9001 and ISO/FSSC 22000 certified and is highly dedicated to quality control and to doing things right. This is also the case for our subsidiary in China, Palsgaard China Ltd, which in 2012 received the Integrity Company Prize, awarded by the Chinese government for showing integrity in its business dealings and for complying with food safety legislation. 

From the high-tech application lab in Singapore and the sales office in Shanghai, which opened in 2007 Palsgaard caters to its Asian customers. With in-depth knowledge of local consumers and the qualities demanded of a food product as well as the specific production conditions in Asia, Palsgaard helps its Asian customers create exiting new products for their customers. A service that was enhanced further in 2013 as Palsgaard opened a new 20,000 MT factory in Malaysia.